Our Autogyros can serve many purposes.
Please choose which area are you interested in!

fun & recreationintitutional use

All Our Gyros Are Custom Built

The results of our continuing research are built in to every gyro we construct. We have no basic model—you got the best gyro we can build. Your gyro gets 10+ technology and comfort features that are extras elsewhere.

Good Is Not Enough For Us

We didn’t want to design a ‘good’ gyro. We wanted to design the best. So we work with design and aircraft experts, brilliant minds fresh from university and aviation veterans to make a sleek, modern, highly equiped and comfortable machine.

Superfast Product Delivery System

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Easy to Handle

Our prerotator technology, high instrumentation and easy flight controls makes the SkyCruiser a breeze to handle.


High Tech Materials

We make our ultra-light ultra light. By using composite materials our gyros stay light while bear 270 kg payload.


Take It To Your Heart

Many world-known pilot flew our machines and took note that they are dangerously lovable. Take a test flight and fall in love yourself.

Come To A Test Flight

We welcome everybody who wants to take one of our machines to a test flight. You can only tell how good our gyros are if you experience it. Please fill in the form and let’s meet!

Meet Us

You can meet us at the biggest Air Shows below. But if you prefer something personal you can always visit us at our workshop in Inárcs, Hungary.


Wellington, CA
21 May 2019


Friedrichshafen, Germany
18-21 Apr 2019


Farnborough Aerodrome, Hampshire
20-26 July 2019