Our Gyro

The SkyCruiser SC-200

Experience the Best Flight

Experience the best flight civil aviation offers. Our gyro has easy handling, extreme flight safety, high comfort levels, low aquisition and maintenance costs and multipurpose design. Explore its capabilities!

Sporty and Elegant Style

We paid special attention to the unique and exclusive look and feel that’s why the SC-200 has a sporty and elegant style. It is important to us that we achieve maximum comfort without any changes to the flight parameters.

We Have No Basic Model

Thanks to the continuous development our machines are equipped with new extras, comfort and safety features. We build these developments into the models so we can safely say that a basic SC-200 has much higher technical level than other gyros on the market:

  • Main landing gear with shock absorbers
  • Rotax 912 UL engine with turbo 125 HP
  • Wide comfortable seats
  • computer controlled electronic prerotator and rotor brake system
  • 8,33 kHz VHF radio transceiver with intercom
  • Digital/analog instruments with FLARM option
  • customizable gauges option
  • Android based EMS (engine monitoring system)
  • Wheel covers with integrated led lights
  • Propeller spinner
  • Metallic paint


Our Gyro can be used for anything. The low cost maintenance, the extreme flight safety coupled with short take-off and landing distances make it excellent for several uses. For pleasure, agricultural overview, aerial photograph, science or law enforcement missions—it has many roles.

Every Gyro is Custom Made

Because we are a small workshop every gyro is custom built with great attention to details. You can always ask for special features!

Ahead of Times

Although we plan to make new models every gyro is a new model. Our relentless research in aviation technology puts our gyros in the forefront of aviation.

Low Costs

Based in Eastern Europe we can build your gyros with low human resource costs. Our prices are very comptitive to American and Western European manufacturers.

Technical Details

Engine: Rotax 912 125 hp turbo
Rotor:  8,4 m Gyrotech carbon or Averso aluminium rotor
Propeller diameter: 1820 mm Velezprop
Frame: Stainless Steel
Cabin: Fiberglass composite
Main landing gear with shock absorber
MTOW: 560 kg
Empty weight: 290 kg

Vne: 160 km/h (100 mph)
Vcruise: 100-120 km/h (62-75 mph)
Endurance: 3.5-4 Hours
Fuel: 95 octane petrol / ~75 litre
Take off distance (to 15m – 50 ft): ~0-300 m (~0-900 ft)
Landing distance: 0-50 m (0-164 ft)



SC-200 Type Approval
SC-200 Type Approval
SC-200 Type Approval
Production Approval

How To Get Your Own Gyro

These four steps is the best way to order your gyro. We work closely with MaxWhere to give you a special virtual experience where you can explore your future gyro before we begin the building process.


Download and Install Maxwhere 2.0

System requirements:
Operating system: MS Windows 7 or newer, 64 bit only
System memory: minimum 8 GB
Minimum free storage:  1GB
Minimum GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4400 or newer
Recommended GPU: NVidia M820 or better


Install SkyCruiser in Maxwhere

Search for ‘SkyCruiser’ inside MaxWhere store and install it.


Make your own gyro design

You can reach every info about SkyCruiser from within the virtual space. You can customize body paint, seats, intrumentation, nearly every aspects of your future SkyCruiser.

Send your design to us

In the final step you can send your workspace to us so we can explore your configuration. Note that you and we can visit anytime this space!